Lee Child – The Greatest Trick Of All

Lee Child – The Greatest Trick Of All is one of the author’s short stories that was published on October 21, 2005.

It originally appeared in a collection of short stories called Greatest Hits and was subsequently published in a different collection called The Best British Mysteries IV.

The Greatest Trick Of All Book Description

Description is for Greatest Hits

Featuring standout writers of mystery and suspense like Lawrence Block, Jeffery Deaver, James W. Hall, Jeff Abbott, Michael Collins, Max Allan Collins, and Lee Child — all of them best-selling authors, most of them winners of Edgar or Shamus awards (or both) — this anthology comes with a chamberful of surefire stories.

Loaded with tension, charged with uncertainty, these taut tales bring their unsuspecting or hunted and fearful marks into the deadly sight of a hired killer’s gun. The hit men, or women, meanwhile match their criminal wits with police detectives, seasoned private eyes, the resolute everyguy, or amateur sleuths to often unexpected and frequently startling ends.

Every one of the stories here is a hit. Each of them craftily calibrated and written expressly for this collection, they include new work by the popular, award-winning Ed Gorman, the versatile writer-editor Robert J. Randisi, and the recipient of the first-ever Sherlock Award for best detective, John Harvey.

With cunning invention hit-lit authors Christine Matthews, Barbara Serenella, Marcus Pelegrimas, and Kevin Wignall further ratchet up the suspense to keep Greatest Hits true to its name, and aim.

Lee Child The Greatest Trick Of All

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