Lee Child – Second Son

Lee Child – Second Son is a short story that features Jack Reacher as a young boy.

The release date of this book was August 15, 2011. It was re-released as part of No Middle Name – a collection of Jack Reacher short stories – on May 16, 2017.

Second Son Book Description

Okinawa, 1974.

Even at thirteen, Jack Reacher knows how to outwit and overpower anyone who stands in his way. And as the new kid in town, that’s pretty much everyone.

His family has come to the Pacific with his father, who’s preparing for a top-secret Marine Corps operation. After receiving a rude welcome from the local military brats, Reacher and his older brother, Joe, intend to teach them a lesson they won’t forget.

But it’s soon clear that there’s more at stake than pride. When his family’s future appears to come crumbling down, it’s the youngest Reacher who rises to the occasion with all the decisive cunning and bravura that will one day be his deadly trademark.

Lee Child Second Son

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