Lee Child – Running Blind

Lee Child – Running Blind is the 4th Jack Reacher book in the bestselling series.

Running Blind is the US title – in the UK, it was released as The Visitor.

This novel was published on April 20, 2000.

Running Blind Book Description

People say that knowledge is power. The more knowledge, the more power.

Suppose you knew the winning numbers in the lottery? What would you do? You would run to the store. You would mark the numbers on the play card. And you would win.

Same for the stock market.

Same for basketball or the horses or anything.

Same for killing people.

Women are dying. Women who have nothing in common except the fact that they once worked for the military.

And they knew Jack Reacher.

How and why these women are in danger completely baffles the elite FBI team working the case. There is no trace evidence. There are no links between victims. Their bodies have no fatal wounds. And the killer entered their homes and exited again like a summer breeze.

Are these perfect crimes? There is only one certainty: there is a new kind of killer out there, one so calm, cautious, and careful that even the brilliant Reacher is left running blind.

Lee Child Running Blind

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