Lee Child – Public Transportation

Public Transportation is a short story by Lee Child that was published on November 1, 2009.

It appeared in a collection of short stories by several different authors called Phoenix Noir.

Public Transportation Book Description

Description is for Phoenix Noir

Sunshine is the new noir . . .

Phoenix: its name evokes new beginnings, a place to start over fresh, new west rising out of the ashes of the old. From its frontier origins, Phoenix has always had a dark, lawless side. It is a city founded upon shady development deals, good ol’ boy politics, police corruption, organized crime, and exploitative use of natural resources.

Close proximity to the Mexican border makes the city a natural destination spot for illegal trafficking of all kinds – narcotics, weapons, humans.

Modern-day Phoenix is a textbook case of suburban sprawl gone unchecked. Endless cookie-cutter housing developments, slapped up on the cheap, metastasize outward into the desert. All of the concrete and asphalt traps the heat, raising the temperature to apocalyptic extremes.

What does all this mean? Crime, and lots of it.

Best-selling authors such as Diana Gabaldon, Lee Child, Luis Alberto Urrea, and Don Winslow, along with critically acclaimed Phoenix-based luminaries James Sallis, Jon Talton, Stella Pope Duarte, and a host of up-and-coming desert scribes, provide a glimpse into the Valley of the Sun’s dark underbelly, a side that the tourists rarely see.

Lee Child Public Transportation

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