Lee Child – James Penney’s New Identity

James Penney’s New Identity is a Jack Reacher short story by Lee Child.

This was the first of his short stories that originally appeared in Fresh Blood 3 and has since appeared on an audio book containing this and other short stories, in Thriller – a collection of short stories by Child and other authors as well as on No Middle Name – a collection of short stories featuring Jack Reacher.

It was first released on April 7, 2000.

James Penney’s New Identity Book Description

Lee Child’s debut novel was Killing Floor, a first- person narrative introducing his series character Jack Reacher.

Child’s second book, Die Trying featured third-person narration and a classic high-stakes, multi-strand thriller structure.

But, in its first draft, that structure went one strand too far. There was a character — James Penney — who had an appealing introduction and back story, but who clearly didn’t have any valid place to go.

So the strand wound up on the metaphorical cutting room floor — until now.

Lee Child James Penney's New Identity

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