Lee Child – High Heat

High Heat is one of Lee Child’s short stories that features a young Jack Reacher.

The original publication date of this book was August 6, 2013. It was re-released on May 16, 2017 as part of No Middle Name – a collection of Jack Reacher short stories.

High Heat Book Description

July 1977. Jack Reacher is almost seventeen, and he stops in New York City on the way to visit his brother at West Point.

The summer heat is suffocating, the city is bankrupt, and the mad gunman known as Son of Sam is still on the loose.

Reacher meets a woman with a problem, and agrees to help her . . . but then the power grid fails and the lights go out, plunging the lawless city into chaos.

What does a visiting teenager do in the dark?

If that visiting teenager is Jack Reacher, the answer is plenty.

Lee Child High Heat

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