Lee Child Bibliography

On this page, you can find a complete Lee Child bibliography that lists all of his books in alphabetical order.

We also have a separate list of all his books in chronological order – you can find that here.

The list below has links to pages for each of Lee Child’s books. Those pages contain the following information:

  • The date it was published
  • Whether it’s a full-length novel or a short story
  • Which series it’s part of (if applicable)
  • A description of the story
  • An image of the book cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon in case you’d like to buy a copy or read reviews

Lee Child Bibliography

61 Hours
A Wanted Man
Addicted To Sweetness
Bad Luck And Trouble
Blue Moon
Deep Down
Die Trying
Echo Burning
Everyone Talks
Faking A Murderer
Gone Tomorrow
Good And Valuable Consideration
Guy Walks Into A Bar
High Heat
I Heard A Romantic Story
Inherit The Dead
Jack Reacher’s Rules
James Penney’s New Identity
Killing Floor
Make Me
Maybe They Have A Tradition
Me And Mr Rafferty
My First Drug Trial
Never Go Back
Night School
No Middle Name
No Room At The Motel
Not A Drill
Nothing To Lose
One Shot
Past Tense
Public Transportation
Running Blind
Safe Enough
Second Son
Section 7 (a) (Operational)
Small Wars
Ten Keys
The .50 Solution
The Affair
The Bodyguard
The Bone-Headed League
The Christmas Scorpion
The Enemy
The Greatest Trick Of All
The Hard Way
The Hollywood I Remember
The Lineup
The Midnight Line
The Mystery Writers Of America Cookbook
The Picture Of The Lonely Diner
The Snake Eater By The Numbers
The Truth About What Happened
Too Much Time
Wet With Rain
Without Fail
Worth Dying For