Jack Reacher Books In Order

March 17, 1997 saw the release of Killing Floor. This was both the first novel released by Lee Child and the first to feature Jack Reacher.

The story won two awards for Best First Novel and was a clear indication of things to come as Lee has gone on to sell millions more books and became a NYT bestselling novelist in the process.

Over the years, there have been dozens of stories featuring this character, so on this page we’ve produced two lists of Jack Reacher books in order.

The first list contains all of the full-length novels, while the second contains all of the other books in which he appears, most of which are short stories.

Both of these lists are in chronological order based on their date of publication, rather than the timeline in the stories themselves. This is because some of the recent short stories feature a young Reacher, while The Enemy is a prequel of Killing Floor.

The lists contain links to pages for each of the books that contain the following information:

  • Its release date
  • A description of the novel / short story
  • An image of the front cover
  • A link to the book on Amazon so that you can read reviews or buy a copy

If you’d like to see how these stories fit in with all of his other releases, check out our complete list of Lee Child books in order.

Jack Reacher Books In Order

Full-Length Novels

  1. Killing Floor
  2. Die Trying
  3. Tripwire
  4. Running Blind (also known as The Visitor in the UK)
  5. Echo Burning
  6. Without Fail
  7. Persuader
  8. The Enemy
  9. One Shot
  10. The Hard Way
  11. Bad Luck And Trouble
  12. Nothing To Lose
  13. Gone Tomorrow
  14. 61 Hours
  15. Worth Dying For
  16. The Affair
  17. A Wanted Man
  18. Never Go Back
  19. Personal
  20. Make Me
  21. Night School
  22. The Midnight Line
  23. Past Tense
  24. Blue Moon

Other Jack Reacher Stories

  1. James Penney’s New Identity
  2. Guy Walks Into A Bar
  3. The Lineup
  4. Second Son
  5. Everyone Talks
  6. Deep Down
  7. Jack Reacher’s Rules
  8. High Heat
  9. Good And Valuable Consideration
  10. Not A Drill
  11. No Room At The Motel
  12. The Picture Of The Lonely Diner
  13. Small Wars
  14. Maybe They Have A Tradition
  15. Too Much Time
  16. No Middle Name
  17. Faking A Murderer
  18. The Christmas Scorpion